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"Release The Text" Campaign

Civil Society letters to US, Peruvian, Australian, Malaysian, NZ, Chilean governments, February and October 2011

United States

Knowledge Ecology International letter to US Senator Patrick Leahy on TPP
(January 26 2012)

Public Citizen submission to US Ways and Means Subcommittee hearing on TPP
(December 14 2011)

Oxfam America submission to US Ways and Means Subcommittee hearing on TPP
(December 14 2011)

Public Citizen Reporters' Memo: Controversial Trans-Pacific FTA Negotiations To Be Held on Sidelines of APEC in Hawaii

(November 7 2011)

Public Citizen Briefing Memo: Leaks at Trans-Pacific Trade Talks Confirm Obama Administration Backtracking from Bush-era Access to Medicines Commitments

(October 22 2011)

Public Citizen: Recently Revealed 'Secrecy Pact' for Trans-Pacific Trade Talks Belies Obama Administration Promises of Transparency in Trade

(October 18 2011)

Citizen's Trade Campaign: Leaked Trans-Pacific Free Trade Agreement Texts Reveal US Pushing Extreme Pharmaceutical Corporation Demands That Would Undermine Consumers' Access to Affordable Medicine

(October 11 2011)

Public Citizen: Unfair Trade Deals Becoming Even More Unpopular, US Polling Shows

(July 2011)

Public Citizen (and others): Open Letter to Ron Kirk on Access to Medicines under the TPP

(September 9 2010)

Public Citizen: Investment Rules in Trade Agreement - Top 10 Changes to Build a Pro-Labor, Pro-Community, and Pro-Environment Trans-Pacific Partnership

(August 9 2010)

Forum on Democracy on Trade: Trans-Pacific Partnership & US State Efforts to Control Drug Prices

(August 2010)

Public Citizen Roundup: TPP Talks, Second Round, Square One
(June 23 2010)

International Forum on Globalizsation Presentation on Energy Services to TPP Negotiators
(June 18 2010)
CPATH Powerpoint Presentation to TPP Negotiators on Public Health and Trade

(June 17 2010)

Citizens' Trade Campaign - President Obama Hosts First Major U.S. Trade Negotiations As TransPacific Partnership Countries Gather Today
(June 14 2010)

CPATH: United States Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Threatens Public Health
(June 14 2010)
International Forum on Globalization Executive Director Victor Menotti speaks at TPP Rally in San Francisco (YouTube)
(June 14 2010)

Citizens' Trade Campaign - We Need A New Deal In The TPP Negotiations
(May 22 2010)

Public Citizen: Make Or Break - Obama Officials Start Trans-Pacific Partnership Talks Today
(March 15 2010)

Cato Institute: Is The Trans-Pacific Partnership Worth The Fuss?

(March 15 2010)

Peterson Institute submission to the USTR in support of an expanded TPP (including Canada and Mexico)
(January 25 2010)
CPATH submission to the USTR on the proposed TPP
(January 25 2010)

Public Citizen open letter to President Barack Obama

(January 25, 2010)

CIEL (Centre for International Environmental Law) submission to US hearing

(March 11, 2009)

Forum on Democracy & Trade submission to US hearing

(March 10, 2009)
Public Citizen submission to US hearing

(March 4, 2009)



Aftinet Guide to Australian Productivity Commission findings on TPP

(December 20,2010)

Aftinet Pamphlet on Possible TPP Consequences
(June 16, 2010)
Aftinet Statement to Coincide with Second Round of TPP Negotiations
(June 16, 2010)

Aftinet Joint Union/Community Group Statement Ahead of TPP Negotiations

(March 14, 2010)
Aftinet submission to DFAT on entering into negotiations on TPP

Response by Australian Trade Minister Craig Emerson to AFTINET's letter asking for open negotiations
(March 29. 2011)

Aftinet Response to Australian Trade policy review
(April 18, 2011)

Aftinet pamphlet guide to TPP and labour rights (July 2011)

Aftinet: Pacific Trade Pact misses APEC deadline as community groups slam US proposals on medicines and corporate rights (November 11, 2011)

New Zealand
CAFCA submission to NZ TPP hearing
Amnesty International NZ submission to TPP hearing


TPP Action Group: Can This Get Any Groser? (November 7, 2011)

NZ Not For Sale: New Zealand Trades Away Sovereignty In Secret Negotiations (November 4, 2011)

TPP Watch: "Release The Text" Campaign Demands End To Secrecy In Trade Talks (January 19, 2011)

TPP Watch: NZ Government must act now to stop US dictating Internet liability laws through the TPPA (January 17, 2011)

NZ Not For Sale: Hillary Comes Bearing A Poisoned Chalice (November 3, 2010)

Philippines Solidarity Network of New Zealand: Negotiate for Peace without Preconditions, Not Trans-Pacific Partnership Entry (October 29, 2010)

CAFCA: Why Didn't Labour Do Something About Foreign Investment When It Was In Power?
(October 17, 2010)

Foreign Control Watchdog, Bill Rosenberg: 21st-Century Agreement or 19th Century? (August 2010)

Foreign Control Watchdog, Warren Brewer: Sticking Our Head In The Lion's Mouth - The Trans-Pacific Partnership (May 2010)

CAFCA's Murray Horton: "Holy Grail" Is A Poisoned Chalice: US Free Trade Deal A Recipe For Disaster
(May 2010)

CAFCA: Thinking The Unthinkable: Could America Repeal NAFTA?
(April 21, 2010)
New Zealand Institute for Economic Research: NZ, the US and Trade Liberalisation: Don't Panic!
(March 26, 2010)

CAFCA: Chinese Buy Up of Dairy Farms - What A 'Free Trade Agreement' Looks Like
(March 26, 2010)
CAFCA: Trans-Pacific Partnership: Jumping on Sinking Ship
(March 15, 2010)
NZ Not For Sale: Hillary Clinton Comes Bearing A Poisoned Chalice
(January 13, 2010)
NZ Not For Sale: Learn From Sad Experience Of Chief US 'Ally'
(December 3, 2009)

NZ Not For Sale: US Free Trade Agreement A Poisoned Chalice
(November 20, 2009)
Arena: Don't believe hype over Groser's Washington visit
(May 14, 2009)
Arena: US postpones free trade negotiations with NZ
(March 9, 2009)
NZ Not For Sale: Fair Trade? (Reproduction of Dominion Post feature article)
(November 13, 2008)
NZ Not For Sale: Financial Instability, Financial Services, and Investment In The P4
(October 6, 2008)
NZ Not For Sale: Who Wins If We Get A Free Trade Deal With The US?
(September 25, 2008)

NZ Not For Sale: Danger Ahead! US Deal Threatens All Remaining Investment Rules
(September 9, 2008)
Arena Launches Sign On Letter to oppose the P3
(December 21, 2004)
Arena: Labour Is Stuck In A Free Trade Timewarp

(October 27, 2002)


Acción Internacional para la Salud: TPP - màs riesgos para acceso a medicamentos

(August 2010) English Translation here

Acción Internacional para la Salud: 2e Ronda del Acuerdo de Asociación Transpacífico (TPP)

(June 2010) English Translation here

RedGE press releases/media coverage of NGO action in Peru

(August-October 2011)

"El monopolio de la gran industria farmaceutica sobre la propiedad intelectual" (YouTube campaign video from Medicinas para Todos, AIS, and RedGE)

(November 17 2011)

RedGE on Peru and TPPA
(September 2011)


Malaysian civil society declaration on TPPA and access to medicines (September 6 2011)

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