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Acción Internacional para la Salud: 2e Ronda del Acuerdo de Asociación Transpacífico (TPP)

USA, June 2010.


From 14 to June 18 will be held in San Francisco (California) the second round of trade negotiations Transpacific Partnership (TPP by its acronym in English). Although there is still no definite structure of the negotiation, the truth is that it began the discussion of issues such as rules of origin, market access, intellectual property, among others.

The TPP is a trade agreement which involved New Zealand, Chile, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, Peru, USA, Australia and Vietnam. Canada, Malaysia and Mexico have also applied. All these countries already have an existing trade agreement with the U.S. and this is expected to strengthen this new trade renegotiation. However, being a renegotiation would expect it seeks to open up issues that have already agreed, including intellectual property. If so, we should ask what would be the standard of intellectual property that starts this negotiation? Should it be allowed to open an issue that has serious implications on access to medicines?.

To the Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism of Peru Martín Pérez, the TPP should not affect bilateral FTAs with other countries and concretized. "The great debate will define how we are going to connect through this major trade agreement that is the TPP. This is the only process in which the U.S. participates. So we want to establish whether the bilateral FTA would override the TPP "he said.


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