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Welcome to the new-style TPP Digest. The archives of press releases, draft negotiation texts, and position statements are being updated all the time - the front page will provide a digest of media and new developments once a week.

1. The Globe And Mail reports on Canada's surprise announcement at APEC that it wants to join the TPP, and what this means for existing protections on its poultry and dairy.

2. The International Trade Union Confederation has published its lengthy statement to the APEC leaders this weekend past in Honolulu, including substantial recommendation on what they would like to see from a finished TPP.

3. Two weeks ahead of the New Zealand general election, unions, including the CTU and the Maritime Union, have re-affirmed their opposition to TPP unless it is in the country's best interests.

4. Joint Statements from TPP members which were made at APEC are now available as a subsection under "Positions By Country" on the left-hand menu. Press briefings during APEC from The White House and USTR are available on the US's country page.

5. The US's indications that Japan were willing to negotiate on TPP at once with all goods and services on the table has been refuted by PM Yoshihiko Noda, who is now embattled at home from strong opposition with his own party on joining the talks (Mainichi Daily News).

6. The Jakarta Post anticipates further tension on economic co-operation in the South Pacific at the East Asia Summit, with the possibility that China will attempt to counter the US's strong push for TPP to be the dominant FTA framework in the region.

7. Professor Jane Kelsey has written a series of eyewitness accounts of APEC for Scoop (1 2 3 4), and writes for the NZ Herald on the APEC meeting here.

8. Meanwhile, Deputy NZ PM Bill English and NZ Trade Minister Tim Groser have returned from APEC claiming that the joint statement was an ambitious document that "exceeded all expectations".

9. The Sydney Morning Herald runs a political editorial urging that Australia avoid entering into a trade arrangement designed primarily to alienate or "get" China.

10. Australia's ABC News speaks to the Asian Development Bank's Iwan Azis, who believes that acheiving the standard of TPP the US is seeking will be "very difficult" in practice.

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