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1. Computerworld NZ has a feature on what TPP might mean for NZ's current IP laws, where Trade Minister Tim Groser is adamant that the negotiations on IP have produced a "balanced deal". However, policy group InternetNZ believe documents released at APEC offer insufficient light to know if this is so.

2. Similarly, Groser has told the Dominion Post that "the fundamentals" of NZ's Pharmac public drug-buying agency "are not up for negotiations" as part of TPP, and indicated it would be six months before negotiators knew whether Canada, Japan, and Mexico would join talks.

2. Peru's Medicinas Para Todos have produced a video about the risks posed to easy medicine access under TPP, in association with Accion Internacional Para Salud and REDGe.

3. Bloomberg reports on possible threats to Secretary of State Hilary Clinton's US-led global effort against HIV and AIDS from the TPP, with Public Citizen's Peter Maybarduk warning that it could keep prices for treatment prohibitively high.

4. The Jakarta Post reports that ASEAN is contemplating consolidating free-trade agreements between its regional trading partners as a counter-reaction to the ambitious TPP framework.

5. New Zealand Herald economics editor Brian Fallow writes about the challenges involved in admitting Japan to the TPP at this stage and what this may mean for NZ and the US in terms of agriculture.

6. The Sydney Morning Herald has published an opinion piece by Dr Russell Marks of La Trobe University, who argues that the TPP is built on discredited economics.

7. Professor Jane Kelsey has produced a composite report about the implications of the APEC leaders' meeting in Honolulu for TPPA, available on TPPDigest here.

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