News 28/11: Investor-state disputes and the 'other TPP'. NZ and Canada to clash on agricultural tarrifs? PDF Print E-mail

1. ANU's Kyla Tienhaara writes for the Canberra Times about Philip Morris Asia's notice of claim against the Australia federal government under Australia and Hong Kong's bilateral investment treaty, and the alleged lack of transparency involved in the investor-state tribunal process that may result. Philip Morris's claim concerns the government's Tobacco Plain Packaging ('TPP' - not to be confused with the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement) Bill, which would strictly proscribe the packaging and presentation of all tobacco products in Australia. Philip Morris's initial notice of claim can be found here. Similar investor-state dispute resolution provisions are expected to be included in the TPPA.

2. Canada's Globe And Mail reports on NZ Trade Minister Tim Groser's tough response to Stephen Harper's indications of wanting to join TPP talks. Groser insists that Canada will need to do away with its agricultural supply management scheme as a bottom line of any negotiations.

3. Free-trade opponent Ian Fletcher has produced a video for the Huffington Post on why he believes Obama's intention to move forward on TPP is a 'disaster'.

4. Xinhua reports that former Japanese Agriculture Minister Masahiko Yamada may seek an opposing candidate to run against the pro-TPP Prime Minister, Yoshihiko Noda, in election next year - unless he halts Japan's attempts to participate in negotiations.

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