News 13/12: Petition created to stop TPP negotiations. World Bank academic warns against excluding China. Fears for Japan health insurance system in negotiations. PDF Print E-mail

1. An open petition has been initiated on the US government's "We The People" online platform, asking that TPP negotiations be stopped. As of today, the petition has nearly 2,000 signatures, and is aiming to reach around 23,000 signatures by Boxing Day.

2. Aaditya Mattoo and Arvind Subramanian (of the World Bank and Peterson Institute for International Economics, respectively) have written an op-ed for the Financial Times (subscriber-only) warning that setting up the TPP expressly to exclude China, as some perceive US strategy to be doing, would lead to "fragmentation and folly".

3. Japanese physician Dr. Tetsuro Irohira has written an open editorial on the challenges he says joining the TPP could pose to Japan's universal medical insurance scheme.

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