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1. Techdirt reports that at the same time public interest groups were denied a reservation at the same hotel where the 10th round of TPP negotiations were being held this week in California, film industry lobbyists took negotiators on an extensive tour of 20th Century Fox's studios.

2. The 11th round of TPP negotiations will be held in Melbourne from 1-9 March. Stakeholder registration is now open on DFAT's official TPP site. Interested participants can apply by 17 February.

3. The LA Progressive features an op-ed by Timothy Robertson and Matt Kavanagh (of the California Fair Trade Coalition and HEALTH GAP, respectively), highlighting their concerns with the secrecy of current negotiations.

4. Professor Jane Kelsey believes that NZ could have faced a lawsuit under its existing FTA with China if had blocked a major farm purchase by a Chinese company last month, and that this is a taste of processes under a TPP with investor-state remedies.

5. Reuters report that Washington is still considering Japan's bid to join the TPP negotiations, but that USTR Ron Kirk has welcomed changes to their market access regime for goods and services over the past twelve months.

6. Knowledge Economy International has written an open letter to Senator Patrick Leahy, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, asking for greater transparency in TPP negotiations.

7. Canadian Trade Minister Ed Fast has told Globe and Mail reporters that he believes there is broad Washington support for Canada entering the TPP.

8. Writing for Forbes, E.D Kain warns that although SOPA was stopped after extensive online protests and ACTA has had some of its most severe provisions removed in its final draft, the IP negotiations for TPP remain shrouded in secrecy.

9. The Emergency Committee for American Trade, a pro-trade and investment group, has supplied comments to USTR in response to Canada, Japan, and Mexico's expressions of interest in TPP. They are available here.

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