News 14/02: US Senator seeks TPP provisions against currency intervention. TPP partners singled out in Special 301 comments. NZ Trade Minister wary of TPP as "anti-China" strategy. PDF Print E-mail

1. World Trade Online reports that US Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) has written to the Obama administration asking that the TPP include provisions against "misaligned currencies", warning that potential TPP partners such as Japan "have demonstrated a pattern of currency interventions".

2. Comments have been received for the USTR's 2012 Special 301 Report (an annual report identifying those countries with significant barriers to US companies and products due to their IP laws). Every country presently a negotiating party to the TPP (apart from Singapore) is singled out by either the International Intellectual Property Alliance or Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America. Their submissions can be found here.

3. NHK has run an English-language feature story on opposition to Malaysia's entry into the TPP, streaming here.

4. Public Knowledge has published a blog post summarising what could potentially be the more perverse consequences arising from IP rules in the TPP.

5. Speaking to Radio New Zealand, NZ Trade Minister Tim Groser has warned that if the TPP talks became used as a vehicle to exclude and marginalise China, NZ would consider leaving negotiations. Professor Jane Kelsey has also written about this for Foreign Control Watchdog.

6. Writing in Canada's Globe And Mail,John Ibbitson warns that the requirements for Canada to join the TPP would likely be high and amount to a whole new FTA between Canada and the US.

7. Citizens' Trade Campaign has uploaded photos of civil action during the negotiators' meeting in San Diego on 2 February. Videos from the rallies can also be found on this blog.

8. Thai paper The Nation reports that Thailand is seriously evaluating whether or not to eventually join the TPP, and will be conducting a feasibility study on the matter.

9. Malaysia has officially welcomed and said it will back Japan's bid to join the TPP, according to Japanese paper The Mainichi Daily News.

10. Finally, Vietnam's deputy Prime Minister has met with US Trade Representative Ron Kirk and asked that the US undertake to remove its outstanding barriers on key Vietnamese exports, while also asking that the US ensure Vietnam's interests during TPP negotiations.

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