News 02/05: US expects more from Japan in TPP. Canada put everything on the table apart from what the US wants on the table. PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 02 May 2012 03:26

1. The Mainichi Times report that Barack Obama has raised the US's concerns with reform of Japan's auto, beef and insurance sectors as a pre-condition of TPP entry in a summit talk with Japanese PM Yoshihiko Noda.

2. Reuters report that Canadian Trade Minister Ed Fast has told reporters that all issues 'without exception' will be onĀ  the negotiating table, but that there is no intention to dismantle the Canadian agricultural supply management system that the US has objected to as a form of protectionism.

3. Public Citizen have already developed two maps that show US-based corporations in Japan and vice versa to demonstrate the possible businesses that could have remedies in either jurisdiction under an investor-state dispute clause if the TPP was signed.

4. On Wednesday 26 April, thousands of Japanese farmers marched to indicate their opposition to the TPP, saying it would reduce food secrurity and damage agricultural livelihoods.

5. The Wall St Journal has a blog up on a recent anti-TPP ad placed in the Washington Post by the Japan agricultural lobby, and looks at the disjuncture between the extensive press on TPP here and the lack elsewhere.


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