cattle5 JULY 2010: The Otago Daily Times reports that US Dairy Export Council president David Suber has warned that allowing the members of NZ dairy cooperative Fonterra to trade shares amongst themselves could jeopardise the inclusion of dairy in the TPP agreement. Writing to Agriculture Minister John Carter, Suber warned that the share-trading would serve to reinforce what is perceived as Fonterra's market dominance. The proposal, which 89.95% of Fonterra's members voted in favour of on July 1, revokes the requirement for the co-operative to redeem company shares - allowing them to be traded among 11,000 shareholder members instead.

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malaysia-flag3 MAY 2010: Malaysian National News Agency Bernama reports that the government, via its Finance Ministry, is considering changing its government procurement laws to allow foreign companies to participate in contracts. Currently in several key contracts the government does not allow the participation of foreign suppliers, as Malaysia is policy bound to support local entrepreneurs. International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed says relaxing procurement laws is one of three criteria Malaysia must meet to join the trade pact, along with the introduction of a clear competition policy and reform of labour laws.



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